Sunday, September 9, 2007

Joe St. Pierre memorial

Joe St. Pierre drowned Friday, Sept. 7 in upstate New York while visiting family. He had been living in Houston, Texas and after high school graduated from Newark College of Engineering. We remember Joe as a tall, friendly, positive guy in high school. His claim to fame at Colonia High School was his lead role in the class play. We send out our condolences to his family. Mike called his home Saturday and was informed of his death by Joe's son-in-law.
The news article about Joe's death is in a local newspaper in New York State.
We invite posting of anecdotes about Joe you might recall. Please attach your comments to this report.

Joe's obituary is now online on the Houston Chronicle's website .

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Mike said...

Joe was a friend of mine. I'll never forget the time he was working in a sweet shop over on Inman Ave and I brought in my 6 year old cousin from Michigan to buy him an ice cream soda. Joe gave us extra special service and made my little cousin feel like a king.