Thursday, September 6, 2007

Colonia High '68 graduates - Class is back in session!

Find out what happened to your Colonia High classmates since that warm June day in 1968 when we all received our diplomas and headed down our unique paths.
More and more life stories of your old friends are appearing each week on a new, free website being overseen by Mike Marsden.
Go to to find the Colonia High Class of 1968 website. There's no charge to take a look, or to register to write up your story and add photos. Contact information on the website will allow you to connect with many old friends.
Besides the fun and intrigue of finding out what happened to everyone over the past 40 years, the Class of 1968 website is being used to organize a class reunion tentatively scheduled for Fall 2008.
The big news is that Woodbridge High Class of 1968 may be joining us for a fun weekend. A beach town on the Jersey Shore is the top choice so far for the reunion location.
Please tell other classmates you know to join in. We're working hard to bring everyone together and every new name brings us closer to connecting with everyone. pledges to never sell names and addresses to third parties and to let the website be administered exclusively by Colonia High School Alumni. Other alumni classes from Colonia High School can be accessed at

Colonia High School Class of 1968 Reunion Website Committee
Mike Marsden - Sheri Baron - Chris Cook

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Miles said...

The only Colonia graduate I have seen in many years is Jerry Leupold whom I met at a swim meet both of our kids were at in Wilmington Delaware at the Wilmington Aquatic Club about 10 or 15 years ago. His 2 boys and 1 girl and my 2 boys were all swimmers together at GCIT in Gloucester County NJ. I spoke to Larry Shames a while back after I saw one of his books advertized at Borders or Barnes and Noble. I e-mailed and got a reply from Harvey Florman who is married and lives in Mass. No one except Jerry Leupold seems to live in South Jersey. They all seem to like Central or North Jersey. I always get wistful when I pass the exit on the NJ Turnpike or the Parkway remembering days gone by and wonder probably as many of you probably do what your friends in high school are up to. Oh, I did discover that Jerry Langer WHS 68 is a top researcher and professor at UMDNJ after I saw an article about him in a magazine I received from UMDNJ. I also got a call from Jay Sher WHS 68 who is a dentist in North Jersey. He saw my name in a directory of physicians affiliated with BCBS of New Jersey a few years ago. If anything else pops into my mind I'll try to let you know. Miles A. Brumberg CHS 68